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January 31, 2013 by Christine
If you missed Part 1, find it here.

Before starting this project, I spoke with people who have painted furniture before and read half a dozen tutorials. Before beginning, I had to acknowledge the following:
  • I am not a professional painter
  • I have never actually painted furniture before
  • The beds might not turn out well
  • Lots of things could be not quite perfect

But at the end of the day, I really wanted to go through the process of creating: Having a vision for a project, doing the necessary research, and actually following through to the finished project. I chose to follow the basic ideas from this tutorial about painting furniture, resolve myself to use the thinnest coats of paint that I could, and forgive myself ahead of time if there were any drips of paint on my project. That was my biggest fear going into this. The following is a loose step-by-step of what I did.

Test the beds for lead-based paint. (5 minutes) I am great with child, and this bed will be going into my older child's room. Knowing whether or not the bed had lead paint made a big difference for my peace of mind, and would also make a difference in how I would treat the existing paint on the furniture. I was SO happy to see the bed test negative!

Sand the bed. (~2 hours) (From this point on, I'm going to talk about just one bed. Only one is done. :)) My Dad did part of this sanding. The idea was to get as smooth a surface as possible where there were rough spots or the paint had chipped, and give a general roughing up to all surfaces. Not always easy on the spindles.

Apply a coat of primer. (~2.5 hours) I was working really hard to prime as thinly as possible, practically dry brushing the entire time. I still found it difficult to keep the thin primer from dripping. This is also where I committed to which direction the brush strokes would go. To work with the tiny spindles, I used a 1 inch brush. I used Kilz oil-based primer.

Left side primed footboard, right side sanded headboard

January 29, 2013 by Christine
With the purchase of a new house, I've been able to act on a few vague, wandering design fancies. For quite a while I've just been in love with the idea of a pair of twin beds for my little girl's room. My pinterest board has tons of pictures, but this is one of the first that caught my eye...

Original here

The style was so sweet and simple. As I searched for a pair of twin beds, I did not limit my search to the woodturnings of the Jenny Lind, but I knew that they topped my list. Along the way, I saw many Jenny Lind beds painted bold, playful colors. Oh my, I liked it. Here is a bed currently available from Land of Nod: $549 for a twin, $649 for a full. (They have a couple of other colors.)

When searching a local auction site one day, I saw my beds. A pair of Jenny Linds, very old, in need of some paint, and lovely. I snagged them for $30 each.

January 17, 2013 by Christine
Today was a big day. The carpet for our upstairs was delivered and installed! The Master Bedroom made this transformation today...

And the other two bedrooms:

January 14, 2013 by Christine
Sunday Charlotte was sick again. We have had more than our fair share of illness this winter... I hope that our immune systems are building up and we can avoid some of this in the future! It's strange to be sick so much, as Micah and I had a rarely-sick first five years of marriage.

Charlie relaxing

Our house continues to move along. We have booked movers for the 21st, so that is very exciting! It will be really good to be able to settle into our home and nest a little before the new baby comes. (The 21st puts me at 37 weeks pregnant, in case any one was keeping track.)

My Dad and Stepmother have been an invaluable help at the house... thanks to them the Master Bedroom is this beautiful green color!

It's so fun to think about filling those closets up with our clothes and settling in!

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