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About us

Hi, welcome to Micah and Christine's website! This website began as a space for people to get directions to our wedding, expanded to show pictures of our new home, and now serves as a place for Micah and Christine to talk about life, love, and the most adorable kids on the planet. You can leave a comment on most posts, or just send us an email.

We have been married for 6159 days. Charlotte is 5500 days old. Thomas is 4148 days old. Louis is 1765 days old.

Micah is the photographer in the family. We live in an old house and he's gotten pretty good at home repair and remodeling, too. In his free time he makes video games.

Christine likes to cook. She also likes to plan decorating projects, work on the family budget, and try out random crafts. One of Christine's life goals is figuring out the work-life balance: raising a toddler, being a wife, and being a professor can be hectic.

Charlotte loves to do art. Her passions include animals (especially fish!), pretend play, and reading. In her free time, she likes dressing fancy, practicing dance, and playing League of Legends.

Thomas loves balls: basketballs, baseballs, footballs, and especially soccerballs. Thomas likes imitating his big sister and jumping on bad guys (like Mario).

Louis loves Cookie Monster and nursing and sleeping and pooping.