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August 22, 2017 by Micah
We drove to Cambria Illinois to watch the solar eclipse. It was great!

We had lunch at Mimmo's pizza, which was a fun little pasta and pizza place nearby.

Then we went to the park in Cambria to watch the eclipse. The kids had fun on the playground while we waited and there was lots of space for everyone. Here's everyone standing on the little crescent shaped lights made from the leaves.

Here's some pictures before and after totality.

This was my setup for taking pictures: I peeled back the paper around the lens on a pair of solar glasses, then I cut the filter paper to the size of the interior side of the camera lens. The filter disc was a bit hard to get in and out, but it seemed to work well. Hopefully it was safe also.

Finally, here's an animation of the sun emerging from behind the moon.

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