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August 9, 2013 by Micah
Day 2 of our St. Louis trip was supposed to be a garden in the morning, then visit the arch in the late afternoon.

We all slept pretty good, probably since the first day wore us out. We've started building Thomas pillow forts, now that he can crawl/squirm a little bit. There were a lot of extra pillows at the hotel, so Thomas was super safe!

Breakfast was pretty great. Incidentally, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on Lafayette Ave. and Texas Ave. While the neighborhood looked a little shady, the hotel was clean and the staff was excellent.

Play 'Find the Charlotte' in the first picture!

After breakfast, we took off for the Missouri Botanical Garden. This was a Wednesday, but parking was pretty to find. We ended up having a long walk to get the the gardens.

Surprise! It turns out it was the founder's birthday, so admission was free! Maybe this is why it was so crowded. People were dressed up like the founder's friends and family, so here's Charlotte the founder's 'wife'.

We saw all kinds of plants...
...played in the kids areas...
...visited the pretty Japanese garden...
...and fed the giant goldfish.
Finally, since we were planning on going to the arch, we drove back to the hotel for a rest.
Christine had already bought tickets to go up the arch, so we got in line to get on a the elevator tram car. And that's where we stayed for an hour... in line. Apparently, because the some of the tram doors stopped opening.

Christine also booked us dinner on a sight-seeing boat, so we had to leave to catch the boat. So we didn't get to go up the arch.
The food on the boat was only ok, but there was live music and it was a pretty fun experience.
After dinner, we wen to the upper deck and watched the sun set over the city.
After the boat ride, we went back to rest up for our last day in St. Louis.
Pretty view from the boat! Looks like a fun trip :_
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