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February 7, 2013 by Christine
Well... I let the semi-gloss paint cure for 7 days. It is mostly dry, but seems a bit tacky in places. Micah and I chatted about it and decided it would be better to go ahead and put a coat of poly over the whole thing. This is a child's bed, and I want to do my best to protect against the inevitable scratches and dings.

So I purchased poly yesterday and put on 2 coats today. (about 30 minutes each) Unfortunately, now I need to wait at least 72 hours to let it dry. I am SO EXCITED to be done with this and just put the bed in her room, but I'd rather be patient now and have a better outcome.

So, we'll probably put the bed up in her room this coming Monday. That puts me at 40 weeks pregnant, in case any one was keeping track. :)
Woohoo!! Almost there with the bed AND baby!!! ;)
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